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The Governance, Risk and Compliance industry is a large one – valued at over £8.2 billion – and like most industries, it has had to modernise drastically.

However, a lot of the products currently on the market are expensive, inflexible and show no focus on the end-user experience.

This lead to us facing an issue internally – our compliance documentation was just not being read and maintained (until it had to be).

In order to try and tackle this we had to build a Drupal-based solution which solved many of our problems, but still didn’t offer the user focus that was needed to build a culture of compliance.

That’s where the idea for Inverifi comes in.

Our goal was simple – we wanted to create a product which made compliance a part of our people’s every day, and did so in a scalable way.

In order to do this we wanted to use our expertise in compliance (from having already built an internal solution), and our experience in running and building a successful SaaS product to help us create an offering which enabled us to align our people and simplify our compliance strategy.

Where it all started

As a startup, we’re still early days. We’re a little over a year old and have learned a lot about governance, risk and compliance in that time.

The product started with just myself as Product Manager as I learned the landscape and planned out our MVP.

Shortly thereafter I was joined by Jack Durrant (Developer), Monica Rodrigues (UX Lead) and Sam Ryan (QA Lead) and we (along with support from Fintan Galvin, Jonnie Russell, John Morahan and Vadym Abrahmchuk) built the first ever iteration of the Klarity Works app.

This first version was rough (as can be expected), lacked a lot of the required functionality and had many areas for improvement – however it proved our approach and was instrumental in building out our underlying infrastructure.

As we continued to build we were faced with our first major challenge – migrating and onboarding Invotra Group (7 companies).

This involved a manual migration of every single one of their policies, procedures and guidelines (PPGs) – which all had to be re written due to a complete restructuring of the company which had been done over the previous year – as well as helping in the preparations for an ISO:27001 audit.

Even with all of the challenges we faced throughout this process, thanks to a massive effort from the compliance team in Invotra we were able to help ensure that they passed the audit with 0 minor or major non-conformances – a huge achievement especially after migrating to a completely new system.

Since then we have added more people to our team and developed the product massively – we have introduced notifications, completely re designed how organisations are treated within the app, and re designed our logo as well as countless other small changes.

What’s next

All this takes us through to today – our team has accomplished a huge amount over the past year, but we’re far from finished and the next year is sure to be a busy one.

Our biggest goal for the next year is to begin helping other businesses to build a culture of compliance and align their people.

We’ve built Inverifi to solve an internal problem – so we know it works for us, but the next few months will be focused on improving our understanding of our market, and making sure that every feature we bring to our customers will be as valuable to them as it is to us.

To find out more about Inverifi, click the link below.

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