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Yiting Han - Apprenticeship Case Study

An introduction to our Junior Development Apprentice, Yiting Han.

Apprenticeship case study - Yiting

I joined Inverifi in January 2022 and am currently working towards a Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship.


Before I joined Inverifi I had completed a Masters degree in Pharmacy. My university course was based on laboratory work, research, and case studies. After graduating I worked in a local community pharmacy for 2 years, dispensing, stocking checking, and making sure the pharmacy was a safe environment, but also a great deal of face to face, or telephone communications, to patients, GP surgeries and medication suppliers.


The change to Software Development and the opportunity to do an apprenticeship was a dream job. Firstly, I was glad to find a role that I could be paid for while I was learning how to do the job, after leaving another profession this gave me the security I needed. 


Having had no background knowledge in coding with a degree that was not relevant to the role, I thought this route would never open up for me. However, an apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to get into a role that they haven’t had the chance to get experience in. It is also perfect for someone, like me who wants to start a career in a completely different field.


An apprenticeship also appealed to me because I prefer a combination of work and study. During my years of university study I discovered I learn better when I’m given a case study or an example of what I’m learning, rather than lots of written information to digest. My apprenticeship is the ideal learning experience for me.


I found Inverifi thanks to my social network. I had the opportunity to talk to people from the business after I had left the pharmacy and once I was more aware of the role available I had an interview. It was clear, during the interview that Inverifi has a friendly, supportive, company atmosphere. ‘There will be no silly questions, and everyone likes to take suggestions even if you are not the specialist of the field!’ was the first thing I was told by them. I knew I would grow a strong skillset, and learn quickly after I joined the company and I would be happy working there for the long term.  


My role is a Junior Developer for Inverifi. Because I had no background knowledge, learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript is my priority at the moment. I am proud to be Inverifi’s first apprentice to use Google Classroom for my Software Developer apprenticeship course!  I am helping in the QA department at the moment.


As part of my role, together with my colleague, I make sure our product functions properly and that all live releases are tested before they can be released. I still have more to learn, how do Inverifi apply code into products and how developers use GitHub, but I am really lucky to have the support of so many people at work to help me learn what I need to know.

When I first started, I had support from my ‘buddy’ Louis. He gave me a lot of advice from how to use the company intranet to how to use google calendar.  I also have a lot of support from the HR department. My own team, have also taught me how to use Github. And I am sure anyone in the company will be happy to give me a hand if I need help.


I have already been assigned to become a buddy to a new starter, just two weeks ago. We helped each other to fit in the company and know the company better, and it is great to be given more responsibility.


To complete my course I need to learn Java, to apply my work experience and to write my portfolio for the course. Once that is done I am looking forward to continuing my work as a Junior Developer at Inverifi, and perhaps I’ll do a level 5 Software Development apprenticeship after I have completed level 4!

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