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First impressions: where user experience and compliance meet

Balancing a good user experience with a culture of compliance.

Yesterday marked two years since the UK went into its first lockdown.


Since then, the compliance landscape has grown exponentially, and this is only predicted to accelerate in the upcoming years (Source, GRC 2020).


Such a fast increase in the use of digital products has clearly shown how much user experience and compliance overlap.


This brings on some new challenges, not just for compliance, but also for user experience design:


  • Digital experiences need to be intuitive, useful and usable. This nurtures a positive perception of a product and brand.
  • At the same time, digital experiences need to be safe and compliant. If not, this can make users immediately lose trust in a product.


Juggling user experience and compliance can be a tough act, with much to lose if either ball is dropped.

Digital experiences and GDPR compliance

It is well known that compliance is vast and complex. So beyond protecting you, we ensure your digital experience with Klarity Works is also compliant with a fast moving regulatory environment.


One way to do that is with GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces complete transparency on how businesses collect data, whilst giving customers full control over what they share.


This has seeped through to all levels of how businesses interact with their audiences – even including the Klarity Works Contact us form, which makes it clear that any information submitted is stored so it can be responded to as swiftly as possible.

There isn’t a smooth, one-way road to ensure everyone that will visit Klarity Works will be intrigued enough to want to create an account.

But Klarity Works certainly paid attention to the different users journeys that might lead there.  

First impressions, user journeys and usability

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

We know that if a user’s journey into a product isn’t smooth and intuitive, they will drop off.

At Klarity Works, from a user-centric design process, to making data-driven decisions, everything begins with user experience.


Whether you’re getting in touch with, or signing up to Klarity Works keep these interactions as smooth and simple as possible.


No fuss. No repetition. No long forms.

By ensuring the needs of our users are considered at every step of the journey, we take every interaction and user journey into account, especially those that may occur even before creating an account.


This is key for two reasons:


It helps us understand what matters to our users, which then helps us define what our users call success.


As a result, this helps us design digital experiences that are truly enjoyable, usable and compliant.

Thinking about how a form can be organized as a conversation instead of an interrogation can go a long way toward making new customers feel welcome.

Getting started with Klarity Works

There are two ways you can get started with Klarity Works today.


  • On this page, click ‘Get started’. Signing up with us is simple and quick – you can get up and running immediately, saving you time, admin and cost.


  • Get in touch with us. If you’d like to chat about your organisation’s compliance needs or book a demo – we’re here to help.



And there’s even more coming when it comes to helping you and your people with onboarding. Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter to stay up to date on all our upcoming product news and updates.

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