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New feature spotlight: reading lists

How to keep your users aligned, report on progress and maintain compliance.

Keeping your people aligned with your key policies can be a process which involves a lot of effort and manual steps. 


Not only do new starters have to read through key policies as part of their onboarding, but any changes made to new or existing policies all have to be read by every user of an organisation in order to ensure compliance.


Inverifi wanted to solve this problem by introducing a new feature: Reading lists

What are reading lists?

Reading lists allow you to centralise and streamline the process of keeping your organisation up to date with your policies, procedures and guidelines. 


With reading lists, users are able to create checklists of key documents, folders and saved filters, assign these out to individuals, teams or organisations and track individual progress towards completion.


These features will allow organisations to easily ensure their people are informed with the most up to date developments in their compliance documentation – as well as provide auditors with concise reports evidencing this.

Designed with all levels of user in mind

There are two key sides to this experience:


  • Organisation Managers who can create, edit or delete reading lists with specific purposes
  • End-users who need to fulfil the required reading


Additionally, both groups need the ability to track progress.

For Managers


If you have the Manager role within an Organisation, you can now create reading lists and assign them to specific users.


Reading lists can be created and managed through the Admin Panel, all whilst having an overview of who they are assigned to, as well as how far they are in completing their reading. 

To assist you in obtaining an audit trail, you are also able to download a CSV file, providing you with a report detailing which documents were read, sorted by individual user. 


Having a means to track progress eliminates the friction created by having to constantly chase up, or check on whether someone has completed their reading. 


And better visibility just streamlines a more transparent culture of compliance.

For end users

Maybe you have just started a new role within an organisation, having been assigned a long list of compliance documents to read through as part of your induction.


Maybe you are responsible for several policies and need to organise them into a checklist, in order to track which need reviewing ahead of an audit.


Regardless of your situation, having access to a centralised checklist of documents is an efficient and simple way to ensure you and your organisation remain aligned and compliant.

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