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Using tags to simplify compliance

In order to maintain a culture of compliance, being able to label and organise different documentation is key.

We know that as your organisation grows, so will your policies, processes and guidelines – and your business documentation too. 


And when the goal is ensuring compliance, keeping your people aligned with a growing set of documents can be a difficult task.


A way to solve this problem is by introducing a way to easily label and categorise your documentation.


In other words, adding tags to your documentation can simplify the process by which it is sorted and managed.

What are tags?

Tags are the most recent improvement made within Klarity Works. 


Adding tags to your policies, procedures, guidelines and much more, can help people within your business stay informed on the purpose or status of a document. 


Within your organisation, you can create as many tags as you wish, so these are added to your documentation in a way that best suits your business. 


Moreover, you can set specific tags as filters, enabling you to easily find specific manuals, pages or answers.  

What is the difference between tags and tag groups?

In Klarity Works, you will find that tags always belong to tag groups. 


This is done on purpose, as it allows you to organise and categorise tags in order to maintain audit or similar documentation trails.  

Applying tags to your documentation

Applying tags to your documentation is now easier than ever. 


With this recent change, tags can not only be created and managed directly from any document, but also this can be done by anyone within your organisation. 


Opening this experience to everyone within an organisation ensures everyone stays aligned when it comes to compliance processes, whilst creating custom document views can help support your audits. 

Have you tried creating tags and using them to organise your documentation yet? Let us know your thoughts!


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