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What's new in Inverifi: May 2022 product update

This month, we've been incredibly busy with a much-anticipated new feature, as well as several in-product improvements.

Reading lists

You’ve asked, we delivered.


Staying aligned with various key policies and processes can be a chore, especially if there are a growing number of documents to keep up with. 


One way to simplify this, is to organise documentation into checklists.


And this is exactly what Reading Lists do. 


Documents, folders and saved searches can now be organised in a way that enables you to keep track of which documents you’ve read and which you haven’t. 


So now, staying up-to-date on your policies and guidelines has never been easier.  


To try this brand-new feature, simply sign in and get started with Inverifi today.


To read about Reading lists in more detail, visit our blog post.


Within Inverifi, there are many different ways you can organise, manage and find your documentation.


Adding tags to documents is a means to simplify this – as this allows you to label and categorise your policies and guidelines in a way that best suits your business.


In this improvement, we’re made it so that creating and managing tags is easier for everyone in your organisation. 


To find out more about how we improved on tags, continue reading here. 

What’s next?

What if you could clone entire manuals? 


What if you could set in-product reminders to review your documentation?


What if you could reset entire reading lists at once, whilst being able to keep a revision history of reading progress?


What if you didn’t need your password to sign in to Inverifi?


We have plenty of exciting improvements in the works this month (as well as the answers to all these questions) – simply follow us on Linkedin and Twitter to stay up to date with all our product news.


If you’d like to chat about your organisation’s compliance needs or book a demo – we’re here to help

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