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Introducing Answers

Simplify Documentation Management with Inverifi

At Inverifi, we understand that managing documentation for compliance can be time-consuming and laborious. That’s why we have created a powerful feature called Answers that simplifies the process and saves you countless hours.

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What is an Answer?

An Answer is an insertable snippet of information that can be used in your documentation.


It can be inserted anywhere while being stored and managed in one central place. When you make a change to an Answer, it will automatically update in all the places where it has been inserted in other documentation. This means you no longer have to spend time manually updating multiple documents with the same information.


How Answers can be useful

An example of where Answers can be useful is when you need to update information in multiple documents, such as your company address.


How do I create an answer?

To create an Answer, simply click the floating “+” icon found in the bottom right of your screen and select “Answers”. This will bring you to our familiar create screen, where you can add a title, select the organisation you wish for it to live under, and click create. It’s that simple!

How do I insert an Answer?

At the time of writing this Answers can be inserted in both manual pages and Risks however you must have editing permissions to do so.


While editing click the “Insert” tab and select “Answers”, you will have two options to choose from “Create Answer” or “insert Answer”.


Clicking insert answer will give you a selection of all the answers you have access to see, choose which one you want and click “Insert”. You will now see your shiny answer inserted into your documentation.



At Inverifi, we are committed to making compliance easy and enjoyable and we believe that Answers can help our customers move towards that goal. We hope you find this feature as useful as we do and look forward to hearing your feedback!


To find out more about Inverifi, click the link below.

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