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ISO 27001 Controls: Developing Secure Apps

ISO 27001 Controls: Developing Secure Apps The importance of privacy and security When you’re developing an application, it is important to consider how it handles user data.   Our sister company, Invotra, is used by various UK government departments, including the Home Office, which uses Invotra to store highly sensitive data.   With that inContinue reading “ISO 27001 Controls: Developing Secure Apps”

Introducing Diagrams

Introducing Diagrams A new way to visualise and connect your organisation’s process flows We are thrilled to announce the release of Diagrams, a brand new content type now available on Inverifi. Diagrams provide you with the freedom and control to visualise any process flows your business has, while eliminating the hassle of using third-party applications.Continue reading “Introducing Diagrams”

Product update: Answers

Introducing Answers Simplify Documentation Management with Inverifi At Inverifi, we understand that managing documentation for compliance can be time-consuming and laborious. That’s why we have created a powerful feature called Answers that simplifies the process and saves you countless hours. What is an Answer? An Answer is an insertable snippet of information that can beContinue reading “Product update: Answers”

Using tags to simplify compliance

Using tags to simplify compliance In order to maintain a culture of compliance, being able to label and organise different documentation is key. We know that as your organisation grows, so will your policies, processes and guidelines – and your business documentation too.  And when the goal is ensuring compliance, keeping your people aligned withContinue reading “Using tags to simplify compliance”

What’s new in Inverifi: April 2022 product update

What’s new in Inverifi: April 2022 product update This month, we’re really thrilled to announce a new addition to Klarity Works: in-product onboarding. Onboarding Sign-up and sign-in  This has been updated with our branding, which includes Inverifi logo and brand colours. Inverifi quickstart When you log into Inverifi for the very first time, you landContinue reading “What’s new in Inverifi: April 2022 product update”

How our customers are using Inverifi in their day-to-day

How our customers are using Klarity Works in their day-to-day A blog outlining some of the ways our customers have surprised us in their usage of Klarity Works. “Everyone has their own user experiences with how we like to use things and translate things, I just think having it all in one place is goodContinue reading “How our customers are using Inverifi in their day-to-day”

Introducing Inverifi

An introduction to Inverifi A new approach to aligning your people and maintaining compliance   Introduction The Governance, Risk and Compliance industry is a large one – valued at over £8.2 billion – and like most industries, it has had to modernise drastically. However, a lot of the products currently on the market are expensive,Continue reading “Introducing Inverifi”