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How Simon Lawrence saves time and makes audits more efficient with Inverifi

Simon Lawrence is the Director of SL Management Systems Ltd, and has been a qualified Lead Auditor since 2016, offering auditing and consulting services for various ISO standards.

Simon Lawrence

Director at SL Management Systems


You’re solving the key problem. The key problem for us that we see is not necessarily the customer doesn’t have it (the policies, procedures, processes etc.). It is just that they don’t have easy access to it.

Audits are unnecessarily complicated, wasting time on both sides of the table

Running audits is a detail-intensive process, and requires the auditor to follow a standardised process in order to ensure that their findings are accurate and consistent across customers.


One of the biggest problems can simply be not having key people available, or having documentation stored in different locations.

"The biggest challenge is always the misunderstanding of who needs to be there, the lack of communication, and the availability of people…” “If you don’t have documentation available, or you’re just sitting around for ages trying to get a hold of people it just makes the process harder because it takes time out of the audit."

Auditors need to have a good tool available to help resolve these problems, and ensure that they don’t have to waste time trying to find key information.

"(having Inverifi) makes the process more straightforward. I gave my email address, got set up with a user account, and was given access. It basically just made my days very straightforward… The system just works, It's good from my perspective because I can just get on with the audit"

Whilst auditing, a huge problem can simply be that the ISMS (or relevant compliance management system) was not designed with auditors in mind. This can lead to huge amounts of wasted time in auditors having to ask for help finding policies, or needing to involve multiple people in order to clarify simple questions.


Effective compliance management software is designed to resolve these issues, and ensure that businesses get the maximum benefit from their external audits by ensuring auditors have full access to the information they need, and can self-serve.


“...having just a quick couple of clicks to access your documentation and all items related to this particular standard is great. Additionally, the search function is impressively robust and efficient. It gets straight to the point, which is something you don't usually see in a search function these days.”

Simon has extensive experience with various audit and compliance tools, but has found most miss the mark in terms of reducing headaches for auditors and compliance managers.

“The notification feature of the system is one of its strongest points, and is something which I haven’t seen executed well in other systems (or sometimes is not present at all). Being able to inform all stakeholders about policy changes, updates, and reviews they need to examine is just powerful.”

Giving auditors easy access to the information they need

Simon has now performed multiple audits using Inverifi, and the benefits it provides have been clear.

“The fact is, I can log in right this second and get access to the system. I am not in your office, you don't have to email me documentation specifically, and you don’t have to send me a SharePoint link that lasts 24 hours. It's just straight to the point for me; log in there, and I can see everything that I need. I know for a fact that it's just going to take a couple of clicks, and there will be more information available to me right there”

The software has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for Simon to navigate and find what he needs quickly. The search function is particularly useful, as it helps Simon find the specific information he needs without having to waste time sifting through irrelevant documents or pulling people onto video calls.

Money and time saved with Inverifi

Inverifi has now helped Simon to save huge amounts of time in audits, reducing headaches and ensuring that he is able to focus on the important parts of his role.

“It definitely saved me time, just through the availability to have all the information in front of me. I can search through it, I can click on it, and it is just there. Compared to asking for documentation, someone going away, emailing me maybe an hour later, or screen sharing with clients.”

With accuracy and quality at the top of Simon’s priority list, it makes a huge difference that Inverifi is able to ensure customers are building their compliance from the ground up in a manageable and logical way.
he important parts of his role.

“You’re solving the key problem. The key problem for us that we see is not necessarily the customer doesn't have it (the policies, procedures, processes etc.). It is just that they don’t have easy access to it.”